Former Fairy Godmother-in-Training (everyinchofme) wrote in wdw_pis,
Former Fairy Godmother-in-Training

About to apply...

I finished my WDWCP in Fall of 07. I'm looking at about 4 Professional Internships that I could possibly get picked up for. What I'm trying to find out about though is:

A) Is apply for all 4 okay? Or should I narrow it down to say 2 or 1?
B) What should I expect with the interview process? Is there anything I should avoid talking about aside from obvious interview no-no's?
C) I'm looking into Stage Tech, Stage Production, Costume Buyer, and Costume Designer, all at WDW. Is there anything I should know about these positions beyond what's listed?

I'm qualified for all of them, so I'm familiar with the jobs in a professional sense, but not necessarily a "Disney" sense.

I'd also like to know about the PI process--things like orientation, Northbridge, etc. So any details, sites, links, etc about that would be greatly appreciated. College Program seems to be easy to get information on, but the PI's seem to almost a be a well-guarded secret. LOL

Oh, does anybody have any details about the "elusive" Imagineering PI? Aside from the usual, it's like your shadow, "always there, but not really obtainable". 0.o
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